The First Glimpse of Jesus

Why is Genesis 3:15 called the “Protevangelium”?Thrur

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First you may comment that you didn’t know that this verse was so designated. Next you may ask the meaning of this word. Fair question. The first letters mean “first” and the rest of the word should ring a bell: evangelium, evangel, evangelism, Gospel, good 3d mink lash wholesale.

Here, say the great voices of Biblical scholarship, is the first mention of the Good News about Jesus’ coming, His 3d mink lash wholesale, and His ultimate victory over Satan and sin!

What? All of that in this short passage? Let’s look more closely:

The first thing of which we should take note is the fact that God is able to speak to two entities at one time. Recall his words to the Prince of Tyre in Ezekiel 28. He spoke to an earthly king and to Satan simultaneously. Similarly a “king of Babylon” in Isaiah. Think also of his harsh words to what seemed to be an apostle and dear friend of His, Peter. Though Peter was rebuked for being the conduit of Satan’s words, it was Satan Himself that Jesus lowered verbally.

The pattern begins here. Satan chooses the craftiest of the created beings as a means whereby his words can reach the new humans. By the way, what reason would they have to think it strange that an animal could talk? We are conditioned against such thinking ourselves, but how would they know it was unusual, given the short history they have experienced?

So the Creator is addressing an animal and the spirit being that has inhabited it. Yes, spirit beings inhabit animals from time to time. Consider the pigs in the story of the demon possessed man in the 3d mink lash wholesale.

In verse 14, there is no question he is addressing the serpent, in a language that the serpent understood. A complete transformation of the species is enacted, perhaps before their eyes, or over time. The serpent was evidently upright at one time, perhaps a very attractive specimen of the 3d mink lash wholesale, hence the use of it by the Enemy. He wants the best.

It is in verse 15 that we see the shift that has been picked up by apostles, 3d mink lash wholesale, Christians of every age. Yes, the physical promises about the ongoing enmity, some say disgust, in regards to the snake family, but there is more. Satan is now being addressed:

This being that dared to invade Earth via a serpent, and destroyed the peace of the Garden and the future of most of the human race, this Evil One who raised his ugly head against the King of Kings, is hereby labeled the enemy. The great Satan. The seed of woman and the seed of Satan are hereby set at odds with one another.

And thus it has been. But we can go further.

This seed, or progeny, or offspring, cannot be taken generically, whether of woman or of 3d mink lash wholesale. If “seed” is general, then all mankind is being referenced. And if all mankind, who can tell the difference between Satan’s and mankind’s people?

No, those who looked at it more closely realized that the Seed must be spelled with a capital “S” when speaking of the Seed of woman. One particular Person will come, born of a woman. He will be the enemy of those who follow Satan’s crowd, the rest of the world.

Now Satan is told of the final outcome of this conflict: “He” shall bruise your head. Wait. Where did the “He” come from? As stated, there must be a particular Seed in mind. A man shall come and bruise the head, that is stomp on the head, of Satan, and finish him off. The fulfillment of that prophecy is recorded quite triumphantly in Revelation.

Paul even makes reference to it when writing to the Christians of his day when he says that “God will bruise Satan under your feet… ”

My feet are involved in this? Yes, and yours too, as long as those feet are walking with Jesus’ feet. Yes, the “Seed” includes that whole righteous family infused with the very Spirit of the Conquering Jesus.

But before the great victory, the great crushing, says God to Satan, you will get a minor victory yourself. You will bruise His heel. Snakes don’t go after the head because of their anatomy. Satan could never attack the strength of Christ, that part of Him that is squarely centered in the Heavenlies above.

But while His feet are here on Earth, here out of love for mankind, bound to the dust of a rebel planet for over 30 years of rejection, during that awful time, you will win an awful victory. You will stop His feet from traveling with His disciples from village to village, healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons. You will interrupt the loving teachings that proceed from His mouth day after day. The fellowship with His chosen ones will be stopped for awhile when you 3d mink lash wholesale out at Him with your venom, voiced through the Jewish mob and the Roman dupes.

You will have Him placed on a tree, but even then He will be above you, you cursed snake. You will cause Him pain as you reach out to Him with 3d mink lash wholesale and thorn and gall and nakedness. You shall bruise his 3d mink lash wholesale.

Was it not Isaiah that said, “He (Messiah) was bruised for our iniquity”?

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3d mink lash wholesale

Yes, all of this marvelous truth packed into a handful of Hebrew words in the very dawn of human history. A curse, indeed, but promise of eternal blessing in this first glimpse of good news. The protevangelium!


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