DIY Bridal Makeup

Hiring a professional wedding makeup artist could be seen by most as a luxury service. Depending on were your wedding would be held or the artist, this could run you anywhere from $150 to $700. Having an experienced professional will ease the stress and cut the anxiety of knowing your face will look beautiful on your wedding day. A pro bridal makeup artist will have the skills, and several techniques that will assure a flawless finish. What about the bride whose budget does not allow her this choice? She is left with one other eyelash companies, DIY. With time and a little effort, you can create an elegant bridal face on your own with some helpful tips I will share with you below.Thrur

eyelash companies
eyelash companies

The most important product to any perfect face is the right shade of foundation. Once you have this important aspect down packed, the rest is easy, trust me. I believe you can get away with buying most eyelash companies, eye shadow and blush for lost cost, but try not to do this with foundation.

Some women are lucky to find a matching shade of foundation at your local drugstore but remember, professional photographs need professional makeup. Avoid low quality foundations which many contain titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide will reflects light with your photographers flash. Example, when your photographed your neck will absorb the flash but your face will reflect the light and appear ashy and lighter than your neck. Something you might want to avoid in your wedding photos. Choose a foundation that is high def which professional high-end brands carry.

What is High definition foundation? High definition foundation stops the exposure of crease and wrinkles or blemish when film or photographed. High-definition foundations are lighter than non high def makeup and will still hide uneven skin texture and flaws..

Next, Eyes. Your eyes are the center and focal point of the face. If unsure about how to apply shadow, here is a simple tip: apply one color of shadow to the eyelid. For example, a slightly shimmered or matte rose, soft pinks or beige gold. No matter what skin tone you have, with a little shopping around, you can find the perfect shade for you. Once you have found your shade, then apply a lighter shade of soft gold or silver on the brow-bone and in the inner corners of the eye. This creates a youthful and lighted illusion.

If you want dramatic or contoured eyes, practice makes perfect. You can research and find tons of ” how you” videos as a guide. As an expert wedding artist my advise would be to honestly get familiar with your face. With this knowledge you will learn the perfect style and shades that will enhance your features. As you become more confident, began to experiment with bolder colors and popular styles.

Get lashes! Have a natural looking strip or individual eyelash companies applied on the day of or evening before your wedding. These should run you about $25 to $50 dollars, and will make your eyes pop. Don’t be afraid of eyelash companies if you have never worn them, lashes when done naturally opens your eyes and give a more professional finish. Be firm with whom is applying the lashes. Let the tech know you want natural and elegant, unless you’re a risk taker then go for it! For your brows, have them clean and shaped a few day prior to the wedding. Use a brow stencil when shaping, extending or filling in your brows..They are easy to use with practice and are affordable. Pro tip, unless you’re a blonde, always choose a brown shade slightly lighter than you hair color. Very dark or over exaggerated eyebrows will give your face a hard or comical appearance, so keep that in mind.

Final tip and probably the most difficult, Eyeliner.When applying eyeliner, use pencil or cake liner. Stay away from liquid if you’re not sure how to use it. Make sure you smudge the liner into the lash line whether you will apply it to the top, bottom or both. A thin liner brush will make this easy. If you make a mistake, that’s okay! Remove and begin again, practice makes perfect. Make sure you keep face powder handy to cut shine (for photos) and your lip gloss or lipstick close by.

eyelash companies
eyelash companies

By using some or all of these tips, you will be on your way in creating a lovely look for not only your wedding day, but any special eyelash companies.


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