Perfect Summer Wedding Makeup

Hi my name is Carol Millington and today I am going to tell you how to have perfect makeup on your wedding dayThrur

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In the weeks leading up to your big day it is essential to get good nights sleep, even though your mind is whirring with planning and excitement.

Drink your quota of water each day as this will help to ensure you have radiance and sparkling complexion as it will flush all the mink eyelashes wholesale from your body and skin.

Your usual skincare routine topped up with weekly face masks and if you can a facial (no closer to the wedding than 10/14 days, as occasionally this can cause a breakout of spots) will all help with that summer glow you would like to achieve. In the week before the wedding a trip to the beautician is a great time for eyebrow shaping and tinting if required.

If you are having your bridal makeup professionally applied it is a good idea to have a trial makeup appointment at least 4 weeks before the wedding. Here you can chat with your makeup artist to explain the look you are hoping to achieve

Consider – Do you normally wear a lot of heavy foundation? Do you like full coverage? Do you prefer a lighter more natural appearance? Do you like the colour of your foundation to give you a more tanned appearance or to be very close to your own colouring? It is important that the makeup artist uses a foundation that is compatible with the flash photography as your wedding mink eyelashes wholesale will no doubt be taking lots of flash enhanced photographs on the day. No bride wants to look at shinny images of her, ask the makeup artists to take photographs of you once the look is complete as then you can be sure it is the look for you. Eyes- Do you wear a lot of eyeliner? Are you normally in mink eyelashes wholesale? Do you like a defined eye makeup or something more natural? Discuss with your makeup artist what you would like to achieve and the type of makeup you normally wear as you will not feel comfortable on the day if you opt for a look that is totally unnatural for yourself. It is a good idea to show your makeup artist pictures of yourself with makeup looks that you like.

Lips Cheeks and the other bits, the general rule of thumb is if you are going for lots of “its all about the eyes” eye makeup you would want to consider a lighter more natural lip colouring.

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

I would recommend you ask your mink eyelashes wholesale artist to apply contouring to your face as this effect really gives you the celebrity WOW factor.

In my next article I will be giving a step by step do it yourself make over guide.


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