The Loss of a Pet

The love of a pet can enrich our lives with their companionship and unconditional love. It is natural to feel devastated with grief over the loss of a pet. Many people experience more grief over the loss of a pet than they would an aunt, uncle or another distance family member. This becomes very confusing to us and others. Everyone needs to understand that our pets are a close member of our family and play an important role in our daily silk individual lashes. The loss of a pet is life altering and leaves us going through a grieving process.Thrur

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Grieving is personal and no one experiences the silk individual lashes of a pet the same way. Although, it is easy to recognize the stages of grief even when one looses a pet. As you grieve it is healthy to recognize the stages of grieving.

Shock and denial

A numb disbelief. A shock at the overwhelming loss. A feeling that they should still be there. Shock gives us emotional protection from being overwhelmed with grief all at once.

Pain and guilt

When the shock wears off it leaves us with unbelievable guilt. The realization of how great our loss is. The thoughts of, “if I would of or could of did things differently” goes over and over in our mind. This pain can become a viscous cycle. It is important to forgive yourself and allow yourself to be human.

Life will feel chaotic and confusing during this time. Don’t hide from this pain. Take time to express the grief you feel over the loss of your pet. Having a friend who has experienced the loss of a pet will be helpful at this time. Someone to talk to who understands the important role your pet played in your life.

Anger, hostility and bargaining

This is a time you may silk individual lashes out and blame another for the death of your pet. It is natural to feel anger at this time but remember others in your family are hurting as well. Don’t lash out and permanently damage your relationship with others. Just remember anger is a part of grief. We can’t control everything that goes on in our lives. Forgive others as well as yourself is important in this stage.

This is also a time when we ask why did this have to happen to me? We start to bargain with the powers to be out of the despair we are feeling.

Depression, reflection and loneliness

The psychical systems of illness related to the loss such as sleeplessness, lethargy and depression. This is the best time to understand the grief process and is most helpful to have others in your life that do as well.

It is natural to be absorbed in memories during this time. Grief can be compounded by the role your pet played in your life. The normal routine of life is disrupted. The key to coping is allowing yourself to feel the loss. Embrace the emotions that come. Acknowledge the special role your pet played in your life and share it with others who have experienced the same.

Readjustment to a new reality

Your depression begins to lift and you began adjusting to life without your pet. You know there is no replacing your pet but you become much more calm about the loss.

Overcoming of grief and reconstruction of life

This is the time you begin reconstruct you daily life without your pet. Ones begins considering getting another pet. It is important not to rush into getting a pet. You will never be able to replace the pet you lost. Take time to consider what your lifestyle can support. Can you handle the intense work of training a puppy? What kind of breed would be best for your lifestyle? Should you adopt a pound pet? What will you expect from this new pet?

Your family members might be anxious at this time to get another pet. Remind your family that it is important to take the time to search for a pet that is the perfect fit for your family. Getting the wrong pet or one that doesn’t fit can compound the heartache of the loss of your pet.

Acceptance and hope

This is the time you begin to accept the reality of your loss. You begin to enjoy the memories of you beloved pet. There will still be sadness but the heartbreaking pain, confusion and regret will be gone.

Don’t let other people’s opinion, that it is just a dog or cat, dissuade you from having a funeral for your pet. Like you would for any family member it is helpful to you and your family to have a funeral to celebrate the life of your pet. It enables you and your family to share their grief openly without being censured. It signifies the importance your pet played in your life and helps bring closure to you and your family.

A funeral ceremony can be done at your home with your loved ones and others who support you. Cremation with a custom urn displaying a picture of your pet placed for viewing is a wonderful way to memorialize your pet. There are many different types of customized pet grave markers for backyard burials. If your lifestyle doesn’t support any of these consider getting a customized portrait or plaque with your beloved pet’s picture on it.

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Remember it is important to grieve for your pet. Allow yourself to go through the silk individual lashes of grief. Not everyone will be sympathetic to your loss and grief. Just remember not everyone has had the privilege of having a deep bond with a pet. Its vital to share your memories and silk individual lashes the life of beloved pet.

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